Available now on the market drives can be classified into three groups: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.


The drive manual we offer a retractor and caste geared accordingly to tape or rope. Reels are the most popular on the market today drives. They are used most commonly for conventional roller guide with a relatively small size.


The group of semi drives include mainly cranks and various types of springs. Cranksets are usually used for larger blinds. They are often used as an intermediate solution in situations where the blind is too heavy to use automatic mechanism, and the investor does not want to significantly increase the cost of using electric actuators. For semi-automatic mechanism also includes a spring. They can be used in virtually any rollout as supporting element.


The last type of drives are electric actuators. For maximum convenience blinds. In the case of large-sized roller apply it compulsory, in the case of smaller, depending on the needs, expectations and budget investor. Additionally, in our offer we have also equipped the radio link to control a group of blinds without the need for wiring between the same blinds and switch.


Manual emergency control actuators can operate the blind in case of power failure.