System to be used primarily in new buildings, but also in already existing objects (after making the necessary changes in the lintel). It provides an optimal solution for designers and builders.


Blinds in flush system to blend with the building facade and form an integral part thereof. The front face of the roller case is also the foundation for any finishing material (eg, plaster or clinker) so that the case becomes a negligible part of the facade of the building. The system ensures perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, as the closure of a hole does not interfere with the construction of lintels, windows and doors, and therefore does not affect the energy balance of the building.


The flush system, we also offer a version with a net przeciwinsektową that in warm weather, in addition to the above advantages, allows the user to effective protection from insects while maintaining the flow of light and fresh air to the inside.

Sposób montażu i zabudowa całkowita rolet podtynkowych w specjalnie przygotowanej wnęce nadproża zapewnia czystość architektoniczną z zewnątrz i od wewnątrz budynku.  Widoczne elementy (aluminiowa dolna części skrzynki i prowadnice) można dopasować kolorystycznie do wyglądu elewacji oraz stolarki okiennej.