BLIND ADAPTIVE (standard oval hunting)

Family blind adaptive systems which include Standard, Oval and hunting is designed primarily for use in existing buildings. In each of the systems for the blind is rolled aluminum box placed on the wall or door frame. The case is the decorative element to match the appearance of the building. In this system, we offer a choice of three types of cases: cases of simple, half-round and round.


Meeting the expectations of our customers more discerning architectural seeking modern and functional solutions offer system Oval, the best showing in the facade of the building. So far, proven and reliable technology roller is connected with an elegant, modern box and aluminum track with a rounded shape. Thanks to this extraordinary form you have the opportunity to give each elevation entirely individual character.


Hunting blinds adaptive systems, which are characterized by a rounded shape of the bottom of the box, most are mounted in a recess with her great composing.


In adaptive systems, we also offer a version with a grid przeciwinsektową that in warm weather, in addition to the above advantages, allows the user to effective protection from insects while maintaining the flow of light and fresh air to the inside.